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March 4, 2019
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August 5, 2019

Used Wood Shipping Pallets Removal Services | North Carolina


One problem that a lot of businesses have today is that they accumulate a large surplus of used wood pallets.   This problem occurs because most inbound shipments are delivered using wood pallets.  Once your freight is removed from this pallet, the problem begins. This problem if not treated, can have an effect on your business and the environment.   In North Carolina, disposing of wooden pallets in landfills became an environmental issue.  In 2005, North Carolina enacted House Bill 1465, which bans the disposal of wood pallets in municipal solid waste landfills by October 2009.

Let’s face it, companies can’t afford to take productive employees from their regular job duties to handle the company’s trash.  These employees are needed to make the company money!  Not every company is going to have the same solution for pallet removal services either, because some companies will have more accumulation of used wood pallets than others.

Some high-volume sources of used wood pallets are production plants, distribution centers, and large retail outlets.  These businesses can accumulate thousands of used wood pallets daily.  Typically, these businesses will have a pallet management system in place because of the sheer volume they’ve accumulated of used wood pallets.

Low-volume sources of used wood pallets such as smaller retail outlets, construction sites, suppliers, institutions and smaller manufacturers, can accumulate several dozens of used wood pallets daily.

NV Carriers LLC has the solution for the used wood pallets that are accumulating in your warehouse, distribution center, production plants, construction site, or small business.  We provide top notch wood pallet removal services in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

We can remove and haul away your used wood pallets from your business with weekly, biweekly, monthly or on call service options. This saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind of knowing that you are complying with NC legislation regarding the disposal of wooden pallets.

Our Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Your Business:

Professional Staff – Our team of professionals are ready to assist you today. With our same and next day service, used pallets that have accumulated for days or weeks can be gone within minutes!

Repair, Reuse & Recycle – NV Carriers LLC is committed to our environment!  Used wood pallets that are repairable should be put back into the supply-chain.  We have a network of professional pallet recycling companies and landscapers to avoid needless waste and environmental damage.

Save Money – We ensure a budget friendly approach when removing used pallets.  Our option is more affordable than dumpster rentals and also benefits our environment.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Licensed and Insured – We’re 100% licensed and insured! You’re safe with us.

Zero Hidden Fees – We have zero hidden fees! Our prices are shown upfront.

Same Day Services – Do you need those pallets moved today? We’re always ready to remove and haul your used wood pallets right away.

Reliable Service – You can count on us, we always arrive on time.

Let us help your business with our used wood shipping pallets removal service!  Please contact us today and let’s get started. Call Now 919.827.7451 or email us!

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