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November 5, 2019
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March 7, 2021
Used Pallet Sales & Haul Away Services in Raleigh NC

NV Carriers LLC is an asset-based pallet supplier and motor carrier located in Raleigh NC.  We buy, sell and haul away used shipping supplies.  Are idle shipping supplies accumulating in your warehouse?  Are you looking for a company that’s reliable, professional and insured to provide haul away services?   If so, NV Carriers LLC has some environmentally-friendly solutions for your business.

NV Carriers creates and manages comprehensive removal service programs for the removal of pallets and other recyclables like wooden reels, plastic pallets, corrugated boxes, drums, totes, barrels, crates and dunnage.

Do you need to save money by purchasing used or recycled wooden pallets versus buying new pallets?

NV Carriers buy, sort, inspect and grade used shipping supplies to ensure that we offer our customers the best in quality of used shipping supplies.  By reselling used shipping supplies, we offer our customers significant savings on cost versus the cost of purchasing new shipping supplies.  We not only sell to businesses but we also sale to the general public.  If you’re needing affordable recycled wooded pallets for your pallet furniture ideas, or any upscale pallet project contact us for your recycled wood pallet materials. 

In Addition, this contributes to the efforts of many of our customers who desire an environmentally-friendly approach to responsible practices and programs regarding commercial waste management.

We are a more affordable option than disposing of your waste using dumpsters. If your company is interested in NV Carriers LLC’s removal services and would like additional information, please contact us today.

NV Carriers LLC

Email: contact@nvcarriers.com

Call one of our experienced specialists today at 984.269.7163.

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