Trucking Business Tips | “Chasing Loads” vs “Providing Services”

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February 23, 2017
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Trucking Business Tips

Operating a trucking business requires more than just chasing loads. There are plenty of small fleet owners who enter into this industry and most don’t survive their first year for various reasons. Running a trucking company requires more than just picking up and delivering a load, it also requires organization, marketing and tracking your results. Our philosophy at NV Carriers LLC is that we provide a service that’s unparallel to most trucking companies. In this article we will discuss the difference in the operations of a trucking business that will hopefully help other fleet owners/motor carriers.

Chasing Loads

What do we mean by the term “Chasing Loads”? Chasing loads refers to the action of waiting for that good paying load or any load to come across a load board or to get a call from freight broker saying that they have a load if you want to make some money. In most cases the middlemen between the shippers and motor carriers are usurping as much as they can (10%-40% if not more) and leaving the motor carrier with pennies to operate. Most freight carriers are chasing loads just so they can stay afloat in this ever changing industry. A lot of times this is done by operating their equipment cheaper to have a load to hopefully get in an area with better paying freight. This doesn’t help the shipper or customer at all! In most cases it takes a motor carrier several hours to get/accept confirmation on a load via freight brokers. That’s a lot of time.

Providing a Service

When freight brokers or trucking companies chase loads the shipper/customer is affected because in most cases the loads are picked up and delivered late, and there’s the possibility of damaged products. Trucking businesses need to be service-driven. We think about what would make our customer’s businesses more successful. For example: When we use outside vendors for different services or products, it’s very satisfying to know that our product arrived when the vendor said it would. It’s even more impressive when our product arrives prior to the due date. Those things make us more confident when doing business with these companies. The same goes with customers/shippers that use our services. NV Carriers LLC provides a service and our service includes on-time pickup and delivery of non-damaged products.


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