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March 19, 2018
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5 Benefits of Shipping Freight Using Flatbed Trucking Services


            Flatbed trucking services is a vital component to the transportation of freight that can’t be shipped using the conventional dry van trailers.  If you need to ship lumber, mulch, steel beams, machinery or even jet engines then you should be looking for a company that provides flatbed trucking services.

Benefits of Shipping Freight Using Flatbed Trucking Services

  1. Ability to ship large heavy loads. Flatbed trucking gives you the ability to ship heavy freight.
  2. Flatbed trucking services enables you to transport less than truckload freight that’s very bulky.
  3. Ease of loading and unloading. Flatbed trailers are generally loaded from the side(s).
  4. Unloaded without the need of a loading dock. This saves you from the headache associated with dock appointments.
  5. Safe and Secure Transport! Loads transporting freight using flatbeds are secured by using straps and/or chains.


Flatbed Truck Driver Responsibilities

  1. Flatbed trucking requires skill! Since many loads are heavier than the actual truck flatbed drivers are considered some of the best skilled drivers in the trucking industry. They also possess physical strength and nerves of steel!
  2. Securing freight for transport. Flatbed truck drivers are required to secure their freight for transport by using straps and/or chains.  Some loads may also require the use of a tarp.
  3. Consistently check cargo. Whether the driver stops at a truck-stop, restaurant or rest area, the driver should examine the straps and/or chains and the load to make sure its secure and hasn’t shifted.
  4. Always be a professional. Observe all local, state and federal regulations as it relates to operating a commercial vehicle.


Tips for Shippers

  1. Know Your Freight. Before booking a flatbed motor carrier you should know your freight ie. Dimensions, Weight, Commodity and Value
  2. Know the Type of Flatbed Trailer. Flatbed trailers come in different types.  You have your traditional flatbed, drop deck, step-deck, and Removable Goose Neck(RGNs).  Before you book flatbed trucking services knowing your particular trailer type needed, can be more cost effective and safer.
  3. Find a Professional Flatbed Motor Carrier. Work with professionals to ensure safe, on-time delivery of your freight.


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